Initial Level Work

Having completed the multi-bounce radiosity support in the editor, I’ve started working on the level design and art for the first area I’m going to show. One of the things I’ve discovered with my radiosity solution is that area lights and textured lights work very well – providing much more natural looking lighting then the point lights I’ve shown up until now. The way it works is that emissive pixels in textures have a certain range of alpha values – and these emissive pixels are automatically treated as area lights when generating the lightmaps at no extra cost. The plan is to do all the static lighting using this method – whenever I want a light source, I simply apply a texture with emissive pixels on some of it’s surfaces.

Another thing I should mention is that areas of the game will initially have the main power disabled, which means that certain things won’t work, such as doors and other machines, until you figure out how to turn the power back on. This means that there will be multiple lighting states – emergency power only and full lighting being the most common states.

Below you can see a hallway with emergency power only, lit using only emissive pixels from the floor texture (these screenshots are from the editor, but it looks very similar on the device itself):

The level geometry will get more complex, of course. In addition the ceiling texture needs some tweaking to make the tiling less obvious. Anyway you can see that “emergency power” only has a moody – low light look, however the lighting is bright enough that the player can still see easily.

Next time I’ll show lighting will the power enabled, with more interesting level geometry. 🙂


~ by xlcontrol on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Initial Level Work”

  1. Knock knock… looking good. I love the initial stages.. so much freedom!…

    Keep it up!

  2. Hey man Mission Europa Alpha about to begin love to have your input!

    Check the blog for instrucitons

    Mention Control Protocol in the email 😉

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