Universal App

I may not have mentioned this before, but I intend Control Protocol to be a universal app. The idea is to develop the game for all the iDevice platforms simultaneously, with scaled graphics and effects based on the platform. Now that I have my iPad, I was able to the current app on the real device. Fortunately, because I properly handle resolution, everything worked with almost no code changes – though more will be necessary to load the correct assets and data.

In addition I’ve been working on the GPU based radiosity solver for the PC level editor. Once that is done, I’ll work on the lightgrid, so that dynamic and instanced objects can get lit properly. Finally I’ve started modeling the main character type, I’ll show that later once it’s further along.

Here are some screens from the test level on the iPad – the same test level as before until some more work gets done on the editor side:


~ by xlcontrol on April 4, 2010.

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